I have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion.
Jack Kerouac  (via sorceria)

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He felt warm and familiar. He felt solid and safe. I wanted to cling to his shirt, bury my face into the warm curve of his neck, and never let go.
― Becca Fitzpatrick (via fawun)

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i wanna get drunk and kiss a lot and not think for a while

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I am an invisible girl who falls for boys that shine like stars
― an assesment of myself (via koreant)

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My pillow isn’t as comfortable as your chest.
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i find myself at 1am with thoughts
that make my bones ache.
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Sorry, I’m kind of feeling like shit today. I’m not happy with my life right now even though I at least got a job and a gym membership. Today I feel like a failure and completely worthless. Today I just wish I could crawl back into bed and have someone hold me while I cry or fall asleep.

I’m a fat repulsive failure and I disgust myself. I’m never going to stop compulsively eating. I’m never going to follow a diet for more than a week. I’m never going to get to the point where I’m not chubby. I’ll never be satisfied with my weight. I hate everything.

I wake up
at four in the morning
and taste smoke
in the back of my throat.

I swear to god,
you’re still burning
somewhere inside me.
Solange  (via slutstatus)